Rule-breakers ?


    • talk about justice, fair attitude
    • understand that we need rules
    • understand copyrights



    • debate: what "punishments" for rule breakers?

    Team Corsica is sharing ideas:

  • Write the "punishments" imagined according to the rules broken :

    Mia, Rubis and Talia (Spain)

    At school/mobilities the students:
    -They have to stay a day without doing any activities
    -Help with the chores
    -They need to think about what they should have done differently
    -They should apologize if it involved anybody else

    Eleni K , Aggeliki K , Maria M, Gewrgia K

    At host family's house:
    -They could have less time using electronic devices
    -They could have less time watching TV
    -They could have to get up earlier and make breakfast for the rest of the family