A charter for the host families


    • write a common charter for the host families
    • help them welcome foreign kids as well as possible
    • explain them the mobility is also a experiment of ideal lifestyle.
    • suggest them activities to do with the students


    1. think about the rules at the host families (Do's and Dont's)
    2. shall we give the family a small present?
    3. imagine the activities you would like do do with your host family and you local friend in the evening and on Wednesday afternoon.


    Clues I gave the Corsican students:

       Team Corsica at work:

  • Can you share your ideas for the questions 1.2.3

    paola, corsica

    the afternoon
    -we stay in the college until 5h 30to take the bus

    Clémentine, Davia, Paola, Flavie et Ange etienne ( corsica )

    In the morning students should make their beds and mustn't spend too much time in the shower. morning :
    -You mustn't stay in the shower too long
    -you shouldn't stay too much in bed
    -You must make your bed

    Paola, Clara, Clementine, Davia, Flavie and Ange etienne Corsica

    In the morning, students should make their beds and mustn't spend too much time in the shower. You must not take too long to prepare yourself and you should be greateful and polite. In the evening, we should help in the household taks, and we are preparing for the next day. You mustn't speak French !

    Mónica and Adrián (Spain)

    -You should be thankful for what the families are providing you
    -You should respect the local habits and act consequently
    -Help out with the chores around the house
    -Don't use your mobile phone during meals

    Eleni K , Maria M ,Aggeliki K ,Georgia K, Greece

    -You must make your bed
    -You must not stay too long in bed
    -You must be grateful and polite to the family
    -You must help with the house chores every day
    -You must always be on time for lunch,dinner etc

  • Staying at a host family:
    Is a real challenge but I know it will be great.
    2 votes (100.00%)
    Is not really challenging as I will stay at a friend's.
    0 votes (0%)
    Is a real dream, how coool to spend time abroad in a local family!
    0 votes (0%)
    I don't think I will make it....
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