Questions for a quiz

  • After working on the videos and the pads:


    A special section dedicated to:

    Preparing for the collaborative Quiz to be done on  Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February 2020

    The greek team at work

    The Corsican team at work watching the videos and reading on the classroom wall to learn more about eSafety.

    Country Questions

    What do you have to do if you are hacked?

    - I switch off my computer.

    - I ask my friends for help.

    - I change my password for a stronger one.

    - I change my computer.



    What do I do if someone bothers me when playing online?

    - I answer players' provocations to show who I am!

    - I stop playing this stupid game.

    - I denounce the bully player to the game's webmaster.

    - I delete my account.



    How do you check about your eReputation?

    - my online reputation is not a problem if I am popular.

    - all my information are private so I don't care.

    - I ask my best friend to tell me if I share inappropriate content.

    - I am not on social networks.



    What can you do to keep your computer safe?

    - Clean my keyboard everyday.

    - Never open files from strangers.

    - Often change computer.

    - Never lend my computer. 




    What do you do if a stranger calls you very often and wants to meet you?

    - I'll go and meet him / her

    - I don't do anything, he / she will stop anyway

    - I talk to an adult (teacher or parents) about that

    - I call the police



    What's a good password?

    - my name and my birthday (easy to remember)

    - at least one capital letter, one small letter, one number and one special sign

    - 6 times the same number

    - the first 10 letters on the keyboard



    What must you do, if you want to share a photo with other persons in it?

    - upload and share it with my friends

    - ask the persons for permission

    - talk about the photo with the persons in it

    - ask for a written permission from the parents



    What do you do, if you see that a friend of your's has received some bully comments on his / her profile?

    - send some nasty comments to show that you agree

    - send some nice comments to show that he / she is not alone

    - call the police

    - talk to an adult




    What should you do If a website asks  for your personal details

    a) sign up

    b)check with a friend

    c)check with parents, teacher, an adult

    d) not sign up



    What should you do if a friend wants to know the user name and password for your social media account ?

    a)Tell him/her

    b)Refuse to give it politely

    c)Stop being friends



    What should you do if you have been getting nasty messages  from someone.

    a)Send nasty emails back

    b)Cry and feel sorry for yourself

    c)Tell your parents ,teacher about it




    What should you do if someone have spread photos or rumors about you and tries to harm you by using social media.

    a) ask for advice from an adult

    b) do the same

    c) keep it secret 




    What would you do if a stranger tries to speak to you over the Internet?

    a) Block them

    b) Answer them

    c) Tell an adult



    If a window pops up saying that you have won a prize, what should you do?

    a) Accept and give your personal data

    b) Deny

    c) Go eat an icecream to celebrate



    What would you do if one of your friends takes a bad photo of you and posts it without your permission?

    a) Ask them politely to delete it

    b) Get angry, grab their phone and throw it

    c) Accept it and cry



    What should you do if someone hacks your account and pretends to be you?

    a) Go and hit them

    b) Get advise from an adult

    c) Be quiet and get depressed