Collège du Fium'Orbu, Corse, France




    Class involved in the project:  4èmeD - 12/13 year old students  (     kids:   girls,   boys)

    For Visio conferences ideal moments:

    On Mondays 8.30 to 9.20

    On Tuesdays 10.40 to 11.30 (fortnight)

    On Thursdays 9.25 to 10.20

    On Fridays 11.30 to 12.25 (fortnight)


    Our school website:


    Our address is:


                          Z.I. MIGLIACCIARO

                20243 PRUNELLI DI FIUM'ORBU


    Our school holidays: 

    Back to school: Tuesday September 3rd

    Autumn : October 19th - November 4th

    Christmas:  21st December - 6th January

    Winter: 15th February - 2nd March

    Spring: 18th April - 4th May


    Collède du Fiumorbo is part of a large highschool composed of a "collège" (building on the right), a "lycée" (in the middle) and sporting facilities (on the left). It's located at two kilometres away from the sea.

    Here is a view of the collège and the playground. (In the foreground)

    This is the entrance of the collège! Welcome !

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