Evaluation of the LTT

  • The LTT is over now and it is time for the evaluation. We should have a questionnaire:

    - for the students travelling and hosting

    - for the host parents

    - for the teachers

    The questionnaires should be online as soon as possible (as long as the memories are fresh). The results are to be posted on this page.


    Students' evaluation questionnaire

    Dear students ,

    answer the following survey to evaluate our  meeting in Corsica...



    The Corsican team at work:


     And here are the results of the survey 


  • Why is it necessary to have an evaluation?
    We need it to improve the activities for the next LTT
    7 votes (63.64%)
    We can do it, but it shouldn't be compulsory
    0 votes (0%)
    We don't need it at all
    1 vote (9.09%)
    We did really well, so let's show it in the results
    3 votes (27.27%)