• Intercultural dialogue "“Intercultural dialogue is an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and groups belonging to different cultures that leads to a deeper under- standing of the other’s global perception.”"

     (all the exchanges between students and adults concerning socializing topics, interviews, narratives, poems, stories of encounters, ...Burning topics: topics that concern and worry our teenagers nowadays: global warming and the environment, educational and jobs issues, and so on.) aim at socializing and maintaining peace as well ascreating a feeling of European citizenship.

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    ARTICLE 1: Writing a logbook, using my mother tongue, expressing my secret feelings on the spot!



    ARTICLE 2: Giving advice: Best activities and attitudes to socialize during a mobility?

    (What can you do to make friends? What shouldn(t you do to be popular?)



    ARTICLE 3:  Stories of encounters: now we are friends and friendship poems.

    Ceremony of the certificate and goodbye meal.


  • Article 2: can you give good tips to make European friends (article 2)

    Brigitte Collomb

    As for me I believe that we have to be diplomatic! When you visit a country, always look interested in everything! Ask a lot of questions and make people feel that you are happy to meet them and learn about them and their country! Don't take too much space! You have to fit in the landscape! Your turn will come to put yourself and your country at the top of the conversation! Diplomatie is not a competition, it is about being understanding and patient. Forget about your country, habits, comparisons and observe and discover! Open your eyes and your heart wide, gratitude!

    Aurélien, Corsica

    To be greatful and put a smile on other's people face during the mobilities, you have to follow the polite rules and be nice. Look at the landscape and ask some questions to the teachers! With the parents who are hosting you, you have to set the table and don't have an awful behavior.

    Helena, Spain

    When you go to an other country, you must be polite, feel interested in everything the people say, ask many questions and not be shy. Learn and pay attention to their habits and culture. Make people feel that you are enjoying it. Forget your habits from your country, and practice the knew ones. Don't use too much your mobile phone and any game console, and ignore them. Just be your self!

    Carmen, Spain

    The best way to make friends is to smile and talk with other people. Try to say what things you like and respect the answers of the other ones. When you are in a house that is not yours you must be polite and treat well the house. If you are eating in the table with the host family you must pay attention and don't use the mobile phone too much and if you're thirsty and hungry you shouldn't be shy and tell them.