• Primary School from Ostrava went with 130 pupils aged 10 to 15 to the mountains in the middle of the Czech Republic for 14 days. The weather corresponded with the Olympic Games in Korea. It was very, very cold, sometimes -30° below zero at night and -20° below zero during the day. It was sunny, sometimes windy and the snow was crispy. During 14 days classes 5. A, 5. B, 5. C, 6. A, 6. B, 7., 8., 9. A and 9. B were working on various tasks and trying to achieve the step of that day. To see more, click on each step.

    STEP 1 - Saturday - Monday      STEP 2 - Tuesday        STEP 3 - Wednesday        STEP 4 - Thursday       STEP 5 - Friday

    STEP 6 - Saturday - Sunday      STEP 7 - Monday         STEP 8 - Tuesday             STEP 9 - Wednesday    STEP 10 - Thursday

    What else did we do?

    We are staying in Medlov Hotel near Village Fryšava and here you can see our surroundings:


    On Saturday and Sunday pupils walked in the hotel surroundings and had fun.




    On Tuesday and Wednesday pupils could attend various afternoon "CLUBS", for example board games, disco preparation, folklore, dance, games, crats.





    Since Tuesday we can skate on the pond which is behind our hotel thanks to pupil from class 9. A who cleaned the ice from snow. On the last picture is the river Sázava, we were not skating here. We took this photo on Friday on our way to the Parkour and Break Dance lessons in nearby town.


    On Wednesday and Thursday morning, pupils attended dance and parkour lessons in the Children Activity Center in Žďár nad Sázavou.



    In the evenings we play cards, board games, watch films, have discos.


    And we also learn, especially classes 9. A and 9. B which will have entrance exams to middle schools soon.


    During the beatiful days of 14 day "school in nature" most classes were writing their own chronicle. 


    In their free time pupils played with the Rubic cube, billiar and other games.


    A team of animators from TAPAZA prepared afternoon games on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


    Our hotel was big enough to accommodate pupils from another school, our grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. Pupils from grade 9 stayed in another building about 100 metres away.