Arts Talk About Us

Eight schools wrote an Erasmus+ project and we plan to use eTwinning for cooperating and disseminating our work. During three years pupils will cooperate in various art techniques, such as painting, drawing, music. They will look for information, learn about various famous artists, visit museums, read and retell tales, suggest and make their own ar...

Project Journal

  • Here is another sample of art - Spanish pupils had the premiere of "El castell embruix at" (The haunted castle) of the TILÍN TILÁN Theater Company, 2nd grade.

    SPAIN - play Haunted castle 1.jpg

    SPAIN - play Haunted castle 2.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Buronova, 23.08.2018

  • Study visit in Dabrowa nad Czarna in Poland took place in May 2018

    FOTO SPOLEČNÉ 1.jpeg

    1 SUNDAY - arrival, trip.jpg

    2 MONDAY - making paper flowers.jpg

    3 TUESDAY - workshop in Christmas balls factory.jpg

    4 TUESDAY - workshop in a music school.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Buronova, 23.08.2018

  • Spanish pupils studied realia of the project countries and made models of different things they have learnt. After a display they put everything on a huge pile and set fire. It is a traditional festival in Valencia which is called Fallas.

    spain meeting 6.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Buronova, 08.04.2018

  • Pupils in Spain are very creative and they painted with supervision of a professional this graffitti on their school. It represent various point of our Arts Talk About Us project.

    spain meeting graffiti.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Buronova, 08.04.2018

  • Project meeting in Benetússer in Spain was held from 20 to 22 March.

    spain meeting group foto 2.jpg

    - Posted by Alena Buronova, 08.04.2018