Google apps1

  • We use google applications for cooperative work in our project - among teachers as well as for students. 

    The application for this project has been done by all partners using google docs. We also make reports about coordinators' meetings shared via google docs.


    Google forms: We have used it for several questionnaires e.g. 

    Google classroom: Classroom is a collaborative space to be used to upload files, activities, videos, any kind of format files. It allows you to follow the students progress, assess them and also communicat with them. A very powerful tool for Education!.

    Google docs:

    Starting from the second year of "ICT World" we like to bring our students in contact to this means of cooperation. In-between the third meeting in Spain in november 2017 and the 4th meeting in february 2018 in Finland we will offer tasks for the different software tools of ICT World. As usual these tasks will be elaborated by international teams of students. The prozess of work discussion included and the common result or solution has to be documented using google apps. 

    By this we make students experience cooperative work online as it is standard in international companies- nowadays and much more in students' future working life. 

    Teachers of each country have contributed to a bank of open problems. "Open" means for us: no evident solution at the beginning, different ways of solving or working out the problem, sometimes different options to choose the software and the way of realisation.These problems are from various parts of real life and cover topics from a lot of subjects. By this we hope to interest teachers of school subjects that are not so close to ICT and a starting point for own experinces in using ICT.  

    Google Spreadsheets: We used this file to organize the Open problems functioning among tutor teachers. Open problems spreadsheet