News 8/17 - 1/18

  • 17.1.2918: PGU =eTwinning school 

    Thanks to ICT World and some other eTwinning projects we have succeded in applying. We will get the label of being an eTwinning School in Germany.  

    6.1.2018:  Das ist die Begündung für den Erhalt des deutschen (und europäischen) eTwinning Qualitätssiegel für den TS "ICT World 2017"

    21.12.2017: PGU gets the invitation to apply for the label of eTwinning School. This was possible because PGU had got the European Quality Label and students are active in different Twinspace like this one, "ICT World 2017" and "Math, Art and Real life with Geogebra". 

    20.12.2017: Students of PGU are working on different tasks: They are working on the logo competition of PGU, students are working in  5 from 6 teams for the Star Team Competition and 14 students participate in a differerent teams to solve open problems

    15.12.2017: Wir erhalten einen deutschen eTwinning Preis!Auf der didacta am 23.2.2917 erfahren wir, ob wir den dritten, zweiten oder sogar den ersten Preis von eTwinning mit unserem TS "ICT World 2017" erhalten.


    4.12.2017: The internal contest to create a logo for our project "ICT World" has started. The creator of the winning logo (internal competition) will get a prize. The two best logos will then participate as German contributions in the international contest. Good luck!

    30.11.2017: Article of  LTM of Lisa (FR) at website of PGU. Lisa will attend about 20 lesson, English, French, Spanish, art and computer science. besides this she has to work a little bit for her school and she has a project related to "ICT World". Her task is to define 2 or 3 places in our school that could be more nicely decorated. She makes photos, plas decorations using the software GIMP and prepares a presentation to a team of teachers expain your idea and realisation for a decoration e.g. of a door. Her GIMP decoration then will be printed out in vinyl and then be sticked on the respective door. 

    27.11.2017: Lisa is a girl of 14 year from France, Merignac near Bordeaux, who will spend three month for a long term mobility (LTM) at Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Unna. She lives in the family of Kimberly, who will go for LTM to Lisa's home when Lisa goes back.

                Left: Kimberly presented Lisa in her class.                         Right: Welcome by the headmaster of PGU, Mr. Kolar


    30.11.2017: The German coordinator publishes the TT page of the Star Team competition and manages to convince 6 teams to participate. 

    23.11.2017:The hour of code at PGU

    ​Students of grade 5,6 and of an afternoon club worked on different activities that are offered by the "Hour of code". They were very proud to receive certificates at the end of their first code course. 

    17.11.2917: Presentation of Calliope during the meeting in Spain

    Maximilian,  Max and Niklas did a presentation of the microcontroller Calliope. They explained how to work and code by showing the steps to a final product, a game called "paper, scissors, stone" 

    14.11.2017: Impressions from the first two day in Spain


    5.11.2017: Here is our SketchUp task: modelling the Congress Centre in Bordeaux. Frederik K. has done a great job!

    25.10.2017: As 5 partners have got the national etwinning Quality Label all of us get automatically the EUROPEAN Quality Label.

    21.10.2017: Frederik has finshed the task for the German team: create a model of the Congress center in Bordeaux. Well-done, Frederik! It will be presented at the meeting in Spain!

    17.10.2017:  nationales eTwinning- Qualitätssiegel erhalten

    "ICT World 2017" -  ein Ausschnitt aus den vielfältigen Ergebnissen des ersten Erasmus+ -Jahres -  wurde, wie alle Projekte, nach folgenden Kriterien bewertet:

    • Pädagogische Innovation
    • Integration in den Lehrplan
    • Kommunikation und Austausch zwischen den Partnereinrichtungen
    • Kooperation zwischen den Partnereinrichtungen
    • Einsatz von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien (IKT) / Mediennutzung
    • Ergebnisse, Auswirkungen und Dokumentation

    Wir möchten allen Schülerinnen und Schülern des PGU zu dieser Auszeichnung gratulieren und uns für ihre tolle Arbeit bedanken. Alle Ergebnisse der PGU-Schülerinnen und Schüler sind in einem eigenen Bereich der Dokumentation zusammengestellt. Die Auszeichnung ist übrigens mit einem Geldpreis in Höhe von 300 € für das Projekt verbunden.


    10.10.2017: Video tutorial: How to control a traffic light with Arduino? aufgenommen mit Christopher

    5.10.2017: New project in grade 8 that combines geometry, art, math and informatics: designing pattern of stringart by using sliders. More pieces of art in a GeoGebra Book.

    3.10.2017: We are printing out boxes for our microcontrollers Calliope.

    29.9.2017: By chance the German team did the wrong task for international teams​. Frederik has constructed the Libriary in Riga (Latvia) - the task for Czech students.As he worked a long time to construct it his SketchUp construction is therefore exposed here!

    Loading takes some time. Click on the arrow right of the picture. Then you can turn the model!

    20.9.2017: Students of grade 8 work on "dancing stickmen" with GeoGebra.They animated figures in front of a free photo from the internet. Have a look at the GeoGebra Book for more animations..

    17.9.2017: Young students aged 10-12 and some aged 13,14 will learn how to work with GeoGebra and get to know a lot about art in different groups. Therefore I made a an information about different artists that can be used to "produce" similar art work with Geogebra. 

    Made with Padlet

    1.9.2017: "Art and graphics by using a computer" - afternoon club for younger students (10-12) with assistance of "ICT World" students. These students will be the leaders of this afternoon club in the next years. By this we hope to dissiminate the interest in creativly using the computer directly when students from primary school come to PGU. A lot of material from ICT World can be also used and transferred to younger students. 

    21.8.2017: First video tutorials of PGU students are now online. We have used a free software Screencast-o-matic to get in touch with this way to explain "How to ..." for coding hints in Scratch. To record tutorials is one of the tasks that we have in mind for the second year of ICT World. Here are some more tutorials.