Web 2.0 Workshop in F part 3

  • Tasks for International Teams of Students

    1. Work in pairs (not from the same country).Try out some of the tools.

    Embed one or two tools in one of the two pages called "trial 1" and "trial 2" by writing your first names and country below your embedded application. 

    Then you may try out other web 2.0 tools.


    2. When you are back home, please, bring your classmates who also work in the project up-to-date and explain how to work with the web 2.0 tools. Try out all tools if you like.

    Then create one page in the TS that contains at least 3 of the web 2.0 tools.

    There is just one page prepared for each group in the folder "Using web 2.0 tools".

    Here are some ideas and topics of what you may do

    • First impressions of France and Bordeaux
    • First, second, ... day of the meeting - coordinate with other groups who- maybe - have the same idea
    • Our experience with Scratch
    • We like .... results of a discussion in our team about ...
    • Tell us about your schools
    • Les Eyquems - impressions from visting students
    • How we spend our leisure time (in different countries)
    • ...

    We are looking forward to seeing your results!

    Have fun!


    Tasks for Teachers

    Tatjana and me have founded another TS called "Interactivity in projects" to try out things this TS. We have invited you to this "playground" to get more acquainted with the TS.

    You may try out the following:

    • creating new pages and put it in the position where you like to have it
    • inserting images (from your computer and/or from the internet) and resize the width or height you would like to have it in
    • editing or making comments in the forum
    • working with tables and changing the width of the table in the source code (width=" " within the TD brackets)
    • try out web 2.0 tools like slideshare and embed it into a page

    In our TS ICT World you may 

    • contribute to a Pinterest or Padlet wall (see WIKI)
    • work in your part of the TS
    • ...

    But be careful with creating new pages. They cannot be deleted.

    We are looking forward to seeing you working with pleasure in the TS.

    Drafted by Monika Schwarze (DE)