APRIL 2018:

    Interesting and promotional video of ICT World produced by Marta, a Spanish girl of 13 years. Please have a look at it:




          13/04/2018 Twenty students of 13 years have been solving 28 encrypted codes that were previously made by other studentys as a part of the process to be selected for next mobilities. See the test in this document:

    12/04/2018 Meeting in SEPIE (our National Agency in Madrid) to deal with the preparation of the final report.


    During 8, 9 and 10th Fair of Science and technology in Hospital de Santiago (Ubeda). We have participated with three experiences: workshop on ICT World, workshop on sketchup and Heritage and workshop on coding and robotics. Please, have a look at the video:



    MARCH 2018: We have won the ECHY 2018 award consisting of a label that we can use along 2018 to show that we are working properly heritage with students at lessons.


    FEBRUARY 2018: We have had the Finnish meeting from the 4th to th 11th in Vantaa,… really cold except for our colleagues cool hospitality. We are bringing good memories and a technological fantastic car!!!.

     We are very happy as we are also the winners of ETWINNING EUROPEAN PRIZE 2018. There will be an awards ceremony meeting in Warsow in October and we will be there to pick the prize and certificates for our students. 

    JANUARY 2018: Students are working in Open problems and getting everything ready for next month mobility to Finland. The process to select the students for next academic year mobilities has started. Have a look to the poster:
    DECEMBER 2017: The Spanish students are now starting to integrate what they are learning from ICT WORLD in our own school and the surroundings. An example of use of Sketchup by students at the 3rd level:
    NOVEMBER 2017: The visit of our colleagues has finally taken place. We want to thanks them all, also the Spanish parents for supporting the visit.

    These is a nice cake cooked by one of the parents during the visit to Spain.


    Yeah!. We finally won the Quality label for ICT World 2017. Thanks, other countries for supporting us, specially Germany.

    SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017: The Spanish students are working hard to get everything ready to welcome our European colleagues.

    The tasks are being worked with the following distribution:

    Students ICT Tasks
    4th level

    * preparing the Educational units

    * preparing the presentations of the workshops

    * elaborating posters of the meeting in Spain with the GIMP

    3rd level C * elaborating the photocall for the lectric vehicule convoy
    3rd level AB * creating the acreditation cards
    2nd  * getting ready the school guided visit


    As an example:

    4th level students------  Elaborating posters for the meeting in Spain.



    Students at 4th level are also preparing the learning units according to this table:


    3rd level AB students-  The personal acreditation cards: Every student at this level is doing four or five different acreditation cards for the whole ICT World Team by using the GIMP. The cards for teachers are decorated with topics from the city of Ubeda monuments, writers, typical gastronomy dishes, singers,.... however the chosen topics for sthe students cards are several ICT World creations made by students from all the countries involved in ICT World. These are examples of cards from our colleagues from Finland and Czech Republic.




    These acreditation cards will be placed in the 3D printed cases also designed by students with the help of Pepe Castillo using freecad as can be seen in this photograph:


    3rd level C students: The students at this group are designing the photocall of the electric vehicule convoy.