2. EVALUATIONS about Scratch games (developped in cooperation with all partners):

    The idea was starting with the idea of a game, small lines of code, sending idea and code (short script) to another partner. More ideas were put into code, sent after discussions amongst students for the best version to the next partner, ... By this Scratch Games had been improved and enlarged with more levels and had been improved step by step.

    Here are results of evaluation (report written by the teachers in DE):

    • Students liked the idea
    • Student had fun at each step because it was a surprise at each step of working on it, a challenge to add s.th. new or new features
    • Results are good from the students' and teachers point of view as well
    • There had been an improvement at each step in all games
    • It was an example of real cooperation like it will happen in students' future  work
    • There were sometimes problems with the deadline because of different vacation periods but all groups continued until the last step/partner
    • Each country had enough freedom to add elements because there were no suggestions from the sending country what to implement next
    • We all agree that we can transfer this way of cooperation into our groups in school. Germany will try it out until summer.

    How ICT World schools work with Scratch in school
    This is the result of a questionnaire among all partners about the use of Scratch in each school.


    2. EVALUATION OF ICT WORLD PROJECTS e.g. drafted by our partners:

    Rating of the files of the GeoGebra competition:
    ​We think that the rating results of the Geogebra files are a sort of evaluation. All files have a high quality. The scheme for the votes (5 teachers) shows that we did not rate only the artistic impression but mainly the way of construction. The number of participants within the schools (national competition)  e.g. in France (65) and CZ (50) shows that is was very motivating for them as the contest was a volunarily activity. For other countries the given deadline was not optimal because of longer lasting easter vacation. 

    4. EVALUATION of GEOGEBRA - student Questionnaire about GeoGebra (drafted by DE)


                                            Results until 29.11.2017: