Long Term Mobilities: 2017/18

  • 27/05/2018: Official training event in SEPIE premises in Madrid. These five brave students will spend three months during the whole first term in France.

    06/05/2018: Poster for 2018/19 LTM Spain - France

    19/04/2018: End of the LTM from Kimberly (DE) in France. Her presentatation has got a high score. 


        24/03/2018: These are the SketchUP creations on Heritage produced by the Long Term Mobilities students from France and Finland in Spain:



    Lydia is the 14years Finnish student who modelled this monument.

    Lydia has stayed 3 months in Ubeda (Spain) in a LTM within the European Project ICT WORLD.

    This is the old medieval gate in Baeza. It belonged to the old muslim fortress and was built by Haxem-Ben-Abdelazis in 886 A.C. 

    Alisa is the 14 years Finnish student who modelled this monument.

    Alisa has stayed for nearly three months  in Spain.

    Ilkan Patsas is a famous monument in Finland.

    Axelle is the 14 years old French student who modelled this monument.

    Axelle has stayed for nearly 3 months  in Spain.

    Bourgogne Gate is a city gate that was built from 1750 until 1755. The project is located in Bordeaux, Gironde. France. The architectural style is neoclassical.


    If you scroll down a little bit you will see also: an old factory in Linares (Spain) to produce plumb modeling by Iliona, the French LTM student and old building very close to IES Los Cerros School modeling by Alexis, another French LTM  student.

    22.2.2018: Kimberly has started to write her blog about the LTM in France and her experiences and ... She has written short reports as often as possible in her blog.
    19.2.2018: Lisa is leaving Germany after a three months'stay at Pestalozzi Gymnasium and is happy to be back at her family. Kimberly T.  starts her LTM in France.
    17.2.2018:  Lisa B. did her final presentation at PGU in front of the Erasmus+ group grade 8 after 3 months stay.  Videos will be uploaded soon. The table shows her trainingsprogram.

    24.01.2018  Some images of the final presentation of the project of Alexis and Ilion (FR)

    The responsible of Bililingualism on education in the province of Jaen and the secretary of the maximum authority on Education in Jaen attendened to Iliona and Alexis project presentation.

    22.01.2018  IES Los Cerros of Ubeda is proud of hosting such fantastic students from France and Finland at the same time.

    22.01.2018  Training programme of the Long Term Mobility students in Ubeda (Spain)

    10.01.2018  GIMP Tutorial done by Meea, Finnish student in long term mobility in France

    10.1.2018: Many students benefit from the LTM of Lisa from France. 

    It happens that some students liked to turn a short video to introduce themselves for another project. Lisa joined them. So all the preparation work had to be done in English because English was the only common language! Here is the result of common work:

    10/12/2017Use of SketchUP to aware students about Heritage. Here are two examples: 

    Old factory in Linares to produce plumb modelled by Iliona, the French LTM student.

    This and old building very close to IES Los Cerros School. Alexis, the French LTM student has modeled it.

    8/12/2017 :Jussi's Final project presentation

    07/12/2017: Jussi (Finnish student) presenting Finland in the local primary school


    30/11/2017: Article and pictures from LTM of Lisa (FR) at website of PGU

    27/11/2017: Lisa is a girl of 14 year from France, Merignac near Bordeaux, who will spend three month for a long term mobility (LTM) at Pestalozzi Gymnasium Unna. She lives in the family of Kimberly, who will go for LTM to Lisa's home when when Lisa goes back.

                Left: Kimberly presented Lisa in her class.                         Right: Welcome by the headmaster of PGU, Mr. Kolar

    Drafting the timtable for Lisa

    26/11/2017: Lisa from France moving to Germany


    24/11/2017: Alexis and Iliona are two French students of 14 years old who are having a long term mobility of nearly three months in our secondary school in Ubeda. They have designed with the GIMP this rules mural to be placed in every classroom:

    14/11/2017: Lucia and Blanca (Spanish students) gave the oral presentation of their project in Finland. One part of the project of project was the videotutorial of one ICT tool and the poster.

    09/11/2017 : Oral of Teresa's project. Teresa obtained a score of 87/100. Congratulations.

    24/10/2017: Spanish lesson, presented by a spanish students to Finish students during LTM 

    20/09/2017 Presentation of Ubeda by Teresa to French students


    09/09/2017 : Teresa in Bordeaux, meeting with Axelle, visiting school, filling in all documents! A lovely matching.

    07/09/2017: Teresa, the Spanish student is arriving to Bourdeaux to star her LTM assignment.

    12/07/2017: Lisa from France will go to Unna after our meeting in Spain for three months. Then Lisa will return to France with Kimberly from PGU Unna. Kimberly (picture) will also stay for 3 month in Bordeaux in Lisa's home.

    06/07/2017: Blanca and Lucía, the Spanish students are having a meeting with Miguel Angel and Pasi, their mentors.

    29/06/2017:  Spanish students having a training event in the National Agency (Madrid):