Social & Cultural Activities

  • During mobility in Czech Republic (october 2018):

    Entries will come soon.

    Summer 2018:
    The German team has created a webpage with files with GeoGebra, SketchUp and Scratch to wish students and teachers in the team nice summer holidays. (The students who has created this learns and loves Latin very much!)

    During Mobility in Finland (febrary 2018)

    • ​Ice breaking activities
    • Guided tour in Helsinki
    • Tobogganing, sauna and swimming in a cold lake 
    • Tasting food of all participating countries
    •  This was a selfmade gift from a german student for the finish hosting family

    December 2017:

    • Christmas greetings to our partners by DE, LV
    • Christmas greeting cards to our partners  - additionally with e-safety tips (German students worked it out for another project)

    November/December 2017:

    • "Star TEAM Competition" by using different software tools - dedicated to stars -> Go there
    • Presentation of a Finish student  during LMT in France -> Go there

    During mobility in Spain (november 2017)

    • Visits of Toledo, Ubeda, Baeza and Granada with guided tours


    • Ice breaking activities 
    • Tasting of food from all partners during a student party


    • Olive oil tasting​


    Summer 2017: Students have created scratch files about summer vacation and wishes for wonderful summer to all (DE) 

    During mobility in Germany (march 2017)


    • German lesson for teachers
    • Excursion to Nixdorf Computer Museum and Baseball in Paderborn and excursion to Phoenix See in Dortmund (PP) and english introduction to Ruhr Area before the excursion
    • Visit of the Light Art Museum in Unna
    • Welcome-party with students, teachers and parents, tasting of typical food from our guest countries (lft video)
    • Farewell Party at PGU for students and teachers (right video by Mr. Maillard)


    December 2016:

    During mobility in France (Nov 2016) :