GeoGebra Spring Contest 2017

  • 1. Results of the competition
    2. Rules for the competition
    3. Help for the competition
    4. Video from the French team how to create the "egg tool".

    Ad 1. Results of the competion
    Many, many students have participated, e.g. in France more than 60 students have sent files for the national competion, in Czech republic nearly 50 students. But we have decided to offer only 4 files per country to a jury, consisting of maths teachers.

    By clicking on the picture you will get into the Geogebra Book with all files that are now in the international competition. There all constructions are dynamic and can be moved.The files that are in the competition are marked with a star.

    Ad 2. Rules for the competition

    Ad 3. Help for the competition

    Here is a short tutorial to tell you how to easily create tools with GeoGebra! You can also download this paper!

    Ad 4. A video from the French team to explain how to create the egg tool