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    October 2018

    Mobilities to Czech Republic

    September 2018

    Training for our 5 students in Paris preparing long term mobilities

    Paris by Slidely Slideshow

    Welcoming 5 students from Spain for 3 months

    Paris by Slidely Slideshow

    April 2018

    Information to families about long term mobilities, applying process, selection and visit to families


    February to June 2018

    Travaux de groupes en coopération avec les autres pays partenaires sur les PROBLEMES OUVERTS et la CRYPTOLOGIE

    February 2018

    Mobilities to Finland


    December 2017

    Work on the logo of the project with Photofiltre 7, then vote

    November 2017 

    Mobilities to Spain

    November 2017

    24/11 : Videoconference with Alexis, student in LTM in Spain


    End of Long Term mobility for Teresa, Spanish Student. She developed and presented a project of customizing a school door using GIMP and Prezi. See here.

    October 2017

    Happy Birthday ERASMUS ! Video with some of our students who participated in European projects in the last 10 years at school :



    20 - 21 - 22 October : multinational seminary in Tunisia about coding, e-security and Web 2.0. Some new ideas and contacts that may be useful for our project !


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    12th October : DAY OF CODE{{Introduction}}

    The Orange company cooperates with the school for a major action: to allow the 180 students of 6th grade to participate fo each of them in 2 hours of playful and exciting workshops around the coding and the robots, under exceptional conditions. action was visited by representatives of the educational authorities, the Mayor of Mérignac and the Press.


    Supervised by more than 20 company coaches, in small groups of 2 students around a computer, students first learned SCRATCH. After having discovered the simplest features, they had fun writing small programs to design games for example. Then, with the Thymio robots brought by Orange, they had a glimpse of how computer language, code, control and react these mobile robots. Each 2-hour sequence ended with the award of a "Supercoder" diploma, a T-Shirt, and a group photo.




    September 2017

    • Presentation of the project to the school community

    • Congratulations! Your ICT World 2017 project has received the Quality Label.

      • Your eTwinning project is part of an Erasmus + project that starts this year. You have been able to propose to your students activities to be carried out between the mobilities and you presented them very clearly on the twinspace. Collaboration is evident for games and greeting cards Scratch and very explicit instructions strongly encourage students to cooperate to achieve a final quality output. The Geogebra competitions are also very interesting and generate creativity on the part of the students. Only communication between students is not highlighted on the twinspace. Of course, Erasmus + mobilities necessarily create special links, but it would be interesting to show on the Twinspace to what extent the students communicated remotely via the Twinspace. Communication between teachers is obvious, however, as the planning, organization and management of the project are rigorous and of high quality. You obviously receive the eTwinning quality label, congratulations, and good luck for the next two years!





    April 2017


    • 2 "home made" french video tutorials (create an egg / create a tool) :

    • 06/04 : meeting for parents interested by long term mobilities for next school year; 17 families came.

    On french school website

    • Progressive challenges + video tutorials for French students (download here):

    March 2016

    • Information to parents about mobilities to Germany (with photos and Prezi) : click here

    • Mobilities to Germany day by day (with photos and videos) : click here

    December 2016 : All 11 years old students from the French school are kindly asked to participate in a school contest : creating a Xmas greetings card with Scratch... Prizes to win : entrances to Science Museum.
    see more :

    7th October 2016 : Working hard before mobilities to France : Scratch workshops for the youngest students, preparing the visit ofthe school in english/spanish, preparing prezis abour school / city / region ....

    4th October 2016 : Meeting 22 families who will host partner students next month (from 6th to 13th November). Very constructive and interesting meeting.

    Presentation to 4th and 3rd grade students to suggest them welcoming foreign students during the mobilities in France next November :