Arduino and selfmade 3D robots

  • We are designing robot cars with Thinkercad program and printing them with 3D-printer. The teacher gives some models of modules and pupils design more. So everything works and pupils can innovate new technical constructions. 

    The cars of young pupils on 6th class drive only straight. Next classes control their cars with mobile phone applications made by themselves. The cars / robots use Arduino microcontrols. Upper classes make autonomous robot operations. 

    Link to finnish pages.



    Kids age 8-12 use these components.


    Reduction gear is given to the kids becays it is so difficult to design. Reduction is about 1:25 and with extra parts 1:125.


    The steering of this car is done by its frame. Ultra sensor attached on the servo so its turning according to Arduino code.


    Cars made by young kids. They are not ready yet.


    Our new Finnish printer Prenta is very fast and reliable. Kids use it by themselves from the age of 13.

    Frameparts made by kids. It is very challenging to do parts to machines, because the mesures must be so definite.


    The fastest version of steering.