Using web 2.0 tools

  • This is the online workshop drafted by Monika Schwarze (DE) and presented during the meeting in France 117206.

    Why do we use additional tools?

    Websites and also our TS are more interesting, lively and interactive if there are illustrations, photos, videos, sound, funny things and surprising entries that can easily be made by all participants!


    Can we classify those tools to give an overview?

    Tools, so called web 2.0 tools exist for different needs and purposes: 

    • Tools for presentation and documentation in the TS
    • Collaboration tools
    • Image editing
    • Sound editing
    • Videos
    • Chat and video-confencing
    • Evaluation: surveys, queationnaires, ...
    • for funny, lively entries
    • ...

    Here are some suitable tools! 

    Drafted by Monika Schwarze (DE)

  • More

    New Twinspace

    I have tried out how to embed web 2.0 application in the new version in the TS as it was not really explained when the TS relauch started and it took a lot of time to find out how it works correctly.