Material listed by subjects

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    Here we present our ideas and drafted ICT World-materials listed by subjects. The color indicates at a glance which software we used for each project. 


    • Basic geometry & fractions with paintings of Max Bill created with GeoGebra (DE)-> worksheet and results
    • Pythagorean theorem with GeoGebra (FI) -> more ....
    • Designing solids for discoveries of geometric properties in (platonic)  solids with SketchUp
    • Reflection and rotation  of objects with GeoGebra to create artwork -> more ....
    • Quiz for revision of maths formula e.g. house of quadrilaterals with Scratch
    • Crop circles as an application for dynamic construction with GeoGebra (DE)
    • Sum of angles in polygons - discovering a formula by using GeoGebra
    • Rotation around a point (LV) with GeoGebra-> students' results
    • Modelling real life with functions and curves with GeoGebra (DE) -> results
    • Golden spiral - designed with SketchUp (LV) -> more
    • Learning - research Activity "WWW: Wonderful WaterWork" GeoGebra (LV)-> more
    • Learning- research Activity "Phi - the most beautiful number" SketchUp (LV)-> more
    • Maths and IT "Bee's Math" (LV)  GeoGebra -> more
    • " 3D Shredding or Serpinski triangle" (LV) Tinkercad -> worksheet

    Art and graphics:

    • Construction with polygons similiar to Max Bill with GeoGebra (DE)  -> more ...
    • Animated Minimal art with GeoGebra (DE) -> worksheets and results
    • Art with polygons and spirals with Scratch -> ... more
    • Egg art and Flowers with GeoGebra -> more ...
    • Modelling chess figures with SketchUp -> PDF 
    • Excercises to learn more about perpective with GeoGebra -> more ...
    • Chess figures with Latvian symbols with SketchUp, printed out (LV)  -> video
    • "Funny faces with Geogebra" (FR, LV, DE) -> more
    • Logo competition with GIMP for "ICT World - Imaging, Coding and ...." (CZ, DE, FI, FR, LV, SP) - see folder "logo" in images-> material
    • Advertising posters "Robots Party" international teams GIMP -> presentation


    Technology/computer science:


    History/ Culture:

    Objects from real life/leisure time using "ICT World" software:



    • Wonderful Waterworld (LV) with GeoGebra -> ... more


    • Presentation of regions and countries with PREZI -> see here
    • Quiz about Europe with Scratch -> ... more
    • Rotation of the plan​ets with GeoGebra ​(DE) -> ... more
    • Flags constructed with GeoGebra -> worksheet  (DE)
    • ​Modeling buildings of World Heritage with SketchUp (DE) -> ... more 


    • We could think about remixing and improving a Scratch file about mitosis and meiosis -> ... original file
    • ​Sceleton quizz with Scratch for 5 graders