First Year

  • 24/172018: Prize ceremony for the etTinning labels for ICT World (DE)

    Dissemination within eTwinning Live:

    ​Each coordinator will put a comment with the link to our TS in his profile page of eTwinning to disseminate our work.

    Dissimination via school homepage (DE): 9.7.2017:

    Within one week students work for ICT World could be read on the school homepage of Pestalozzi Gymnasium Unna.  
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    Dissemination within eTwinning: 22.6.2017:

    I have announced our project in an eTwinning group.


    Dissimation in Germany (DE) 20.6.2017:

    We have applied for a competition (Cornlesen Förderpreis 2017)  concerning projects which foster use of ICT, our chosen software tools, material for school developpment.Therefore there are a lot of German documents of evaluation aspects and what we have done in this first year of ICT World.

    Dissemination in Spain (SP) 26/05/2017:

    On May, the 26th three teachers and forty students from IES Los Cerros participated in CTC ARDUINO 17' in Seville where students exhibited all the projects they had developed with Arduino alog the course 2016/17.



    Dissemination in Spain (SP) 19/05/2017:

    On May, the 19th five teachers and fifty students from IES Los Cerros participated in FANTEC 17' (the Andaslusian Fair for technology) where we presented two projects to competition. Can you see our poster in the end of the wall? 

    * the games made with scratch within ICT World.

    * the movable bridge printed in 3D and controlled by means of arduino. 

    Dissemination in Spain (SP) 28/04/2017:

    On April, the 28th Pepe Castillo From Spain, attended in Malaga University the meeting MALACOM, a new techs meeting where he found the ICT Spanish guru OVI JUAN with whom he took a photo and share some words.


    Dissemination in Latvia (LV) 28/04/2017:

    Conference and exhibition of students creative works at the school KLASIKA (LV) 28.04.2017