Third Year

  • Dissemination in the third year is very imporant. We try to disseminate internationally, in our countries and locally, involving local press, school community and on our school websites.


    April 2019: School newspaper of Private Secondary School KLASIKA (LV)
    All news of the project are regularly covered in the school newspaper.

    Nr. 41 - Oktobris 2018

     Nr. 42 - Decembris 2018

    Nr. 43 - Marts 2019

    Nr. 44 Majs 2019

    30.6.2019: Article in the local Newspaper "hellweger Anzeiger" (GER)


    10.04.2019 eTwinning news about meeting in Riga (LV)

    10.4.2019: Meeting in Riga (GER)

    There was an article about the meeting in riga in our local newspaper "Hellweger Anzeiger". 


    8.4.2019: Report about the meeting at PGU homepage
    We have put students' work (besides the work in teams) and a lot of pictures on the schools' website. students had had 3 competitions to draft a poster by using their smartphones and the app PicsArt about what happend during the meeting.We have put all work in the German part of the Twinspace.

    7.2.2019: National online training for eTwinners
    How to combine eTwinning and KA2 Erasmus+ projects. Illustrated by ICT World project + another project

    2.2.2019: Video of ICT World at PGU

    This video is also published on our homepage. It is in German language.

    26.1.2019:Open dy at PGU 

    We have presented TS of "ICT World" and "GeoGebra projects" to parents at open day at PGU. 

    20.1.2019: ICT World on twitter 

    17/1/2019: Article on the officical Erasmus+/eTwinning website & video about ICT World at PGU in German

    Here is the link to the video.

    10/11/2018: Congress of Education in Jaén. Explanation of the project ICT World to:

    • the maximum authority on Education in Andalusia. Sonia Gaya, Consejera de Educación de Andalucía.
    • the maximum authority on Education in the province of Jaén: Yolanda Caballero, Delegada Territorial de de Educación de Jaén.
    • the maximum representant of the Spanish Goberment in the province of Jaén: Ana Cobo, Delegada del Gobierno en Jaén.

    3.11.2018:‚Äč Dissemination of ICT World in the local newpaper "Hellweger Anzeiger"

    30.10.2018: Dissemination of ICT World in Cadena SER Radio and Spanish TV channel TV10

    26.10.2018: Dissemination of ICT World in a workshop at the eTwinning conference in Warshaw and via twitter

    26.10.2018: Reportabout the meeting in CZ in a local newspaper (GER)

    24.10.2018: Report about the meeting in CZ in a local online journal (GER)

    link to the website

    20.10.2018: ICT World linked from a famous STEM website


    10.10.2018: Report on the Website of PGU Unna

    27.09.2918: eTwinning films about ICT World

    A film team had been at PGU to turn two films - about ICT World and the realtion between Etwinning , twinspace and our Erasmus+ project. Another film was made to spread the idea of LTM in Germany. Kimberly and Mrs. Schwarze talked abouth their experiences concerning these LTM. -> impressions of the day

    15.9.2018: ICT World in the local radio
    There had been an interview for the local radio "Antenne Unna" about our project ICT World. Four students explained the project, activities and spoke about personal advantages to be in this project.Click here to hear!

    10.09.2018: ICT World in German school news

    One or two times a year the headmaster of PGU publishes news about PGU to inform students, parents and staff about important activities that have happend during the academic year.

    03.09.2018: Poster with eTwinning projects in the school hall (DE)

    31.8.2018: Post of "ICT World" in group of etwinning Schools


    31.8.2017: Posting on GeoGebra on fb

    31.08.2018:Dissimination on Twitter (DE)

    28.8.2018: Dissemination on a German website (DE)
    The so-called "Informatiktreff" is a website and often visited forum for German teachers of technology and computer science with a very good reputation. They announced both project webpages on their NEWS page.


    28.08.2018: Dissemination of ICT World in a local newspaper (DE)
    Article in German: if you are interested to read it  please look at the page in PDF format. (Author: Westfälischer Anzeiger, 28.8.2018)