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    ‘Los Cerros’ School was created in 1943 as an elementary centre for Vocational Training. Nowadays, our school is the biggest one in the Spanish province of Jaén. As a matter of fact, one hundred teachers get along with one thousand and six hundred students five days a week from 8 to 14:30 in the morning and from 16:30 to 20:30 during the afternoon.

    Our institution is located in the northwest part of the Renaissance medieval City of Úbeda (World Heritage City) occupying a total area of 14038 m2 with five different buildings, green areas and nearly free of architectural barriers.  
    Our video presentation


    Spain faces this challenging project as a unique chance for improving tecnologically our iunstitution and the sorrounding schools. therefore, we are updating our techno gadgets. Before we knew we had won the funding we only had one 3D printer but we were unable to modellize original figures created by our students. Only three months later, we have three prusa I3 for the departmets of technology, Arts and Electronics and also we have a CNC printer (with a dremel) able to cut pieces, impress circuits, engravings,... and what is more, nowadays our students are starting to print their own creations in 3D.

    Our 3D printers

    New Prusa I3:

    Art and plastics department.

    CNC Printer

    First Prusa I3:

    Electronics department

    2nd Prusa I3:

    Technology department



    What is taking place in LOS CERROS Secondary school (Spain)?


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