Sustainability and transferability

  • Sustainibility of ICT World in different ways

    Most of the tools and microcontroller we have used in our projects are common and have versions in different languages. The same is for tutorials e.g. our won one or on youtube. 

    So our work is sustainable and will work even when there are new software types. Then worksheets, tasks and different projects can be adapted. 

    We have implemented a lot of projects that had been tried out and tested in different countries. Some of then are now implemented in school curricula, others will be modified and then tried out by others colleagues or even teachers outside the project and then - if they worked well- implemented later in schools. 

    Transferability of ICT World in different ways

    Therefore everything is published in the TS, free to use or modify by colleagues who are interested and like to have lesson plans or learning units. Most of the results of projects are published so that everyone can see how students work on it. 

    A lot of more items of our project in the TS  can be transfered to other projects:

    • A lot of parts of our TS can be used for other projects (not only projects of a similiar topic)  e.g. project description, presentation of partners and countries, the WIKI, dissemination, evaluation, timeline, ...
    • The way we drafted problems for international teams or between national teams that only could be solved by communicationg and cooperating
    • Including parents and other interested parties by having a Padlet e.g. as a sort of guestbook
    • Students have taught other students by recording videos that can be used as tutorials for other students for autonomous learning
    • Pointing also on social and cultural activities - a way to rise students' feeling of being Europeans
    • Having common activities like competitions, logo creations or participation on similiar events that take part in different european countries
    • Making students and teachers familiar with web 2.0 tools that make the TS more attractive as well as putting videos of activities in the TS.