Tasks 04/2017 - 11/2017

  • Tasks between meetings March 2017 (Germany) - November 2017 (Spain)


    I) Dynamic constructions with GeoGebra and 3D-modeling with SketchUp


    1. Each school sends photos (and description if needed) of two different real life objects to other schools as shown in timetable end of this document. One photo of both objects is also published in TS (tasks between meetings).


    1. One object is for dynamic construction with Geogebra. The object should consists of quite basic geometrical shapes. There should be some moving parts in the object to animate. Here are two examples:

    bridge in Bordeaux                 bicycle in Münster


    1. Another object is for 3D-modeling with SketchUp. The object can be a building or a statue. It shouldn’t be too complicated, but still fascinating for students. Send enough photos of all sides of the object. It would be nice if the object can be spotted during meetings (SP, FI, CH, LV).

    1. Each school gets pictures of two objects from other schools. All schools can decide if they start with Geogebra or SketchUp, but one should be done before first summer holidays (Finland) and another before meeting in Spain. Results should be published in TS. Send also notification to all other partners when published.

    1. Geogebra: The construction of the object should be dynamic, i.e. the size of the construction can be changed without losing right dimensions. There should be at least one animated part.

    1. SketchUp: The model should be as accurate as possible


    II) GeoGebra Contest: Deadline for national work 10th may 2017

    To inform yourself about the competion follow the link.