News 8/16 -1/17

  • 6.1.2017: Malte H. has created a wonderful poster to announce our meeting that takes place from 20th to 24th march 2012 at our school.


    20.12.2016: Our students coded Christmas cards with Scratch.


    13.12.2016: Students of grade 9 are producing animated X-mas cards using Scratch. Ben has made wonderful pictures showing that x-mas is coming soon. If the presentation does not work, click here!

    10.12.2016: Students have made pictures to show typical German christmas decoration to all in our Erasmus+ team. Link to the Christmas Forum

    1.12.2016: My Scratch Skript can be seen here in a book of turning pages. Later, after a second test in my group it will be translated in English.

    28.11.2016: ​Headmaster and deputy headmaster have been informed by Mrs. Schwarze and Mr. Richter  about the meeting and the TS website mostly built up by the German team.

    ​26.11.2016: A QR-code has been created and delivered on flyers to the staff, interested students and parents.

    25.11.2016: Students who have taken part in the nmeeting in Merignac shared their experience with the whole Erasmus team of PGU and other students who were interested in this report.

    18.11.2016: Sarah, Lukas, Marvin and Oleksii have created a page about the trip to Archachon that shows that they really have learned to make nice applications for a website by using web 2.0 tools. Have a look here!

    6.11. -13.11.2016: Meeting in Merignac (Bordeaux)
    Four students and two teachers had visited the meeting. All students had to do presentation about theri country, their region and their school. Here are all presentations done by a web 2.0 tool called Prezi. One German teacher was involved in presentation of this twinspace to students and teachers and had been moderator of a workshop, too. The topic was: "web 2.0 tools - how to use it?".  Presentation and tasks can be seen here.
    Students also presented their Crypto Game that starts in a few weeks.

    There are videos from each day done by the French team.

    29.10.2015: We are happy to annouce that more than 26 students like to host students during the next meeting in Germany, in march 2017.

    25.10.2015: Today we started with the "Hour of Code" at PGU with  students of grade 6. The young students had had a lot of fun!


    17.10.2017: Th European Code Week has started. Pestalozzi Gymnasium will particpate, too - after autumn vacation, next week. Students of grade 5 or 6, the Erasmus+ group and the computer project group for grades from 5 to 8 will participate.

    15.10.2016: Riga

    I have visited our partner school in Riga, met the headmaster, colleagues in the project and Tatjana Vinukurova.

    15.9.2016: We will buy a 3D printer: CraftUnique CU3DP-CBP-RD CraftBot PLUS 3D Drucker (you may find it on the Amazon page). The print volume is very good, objects to a size of 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm can be printed. 

    13.9.2016: Wir suchen noch Schülerinnen und Schüler mit Kenntnissen zu GeoGebra, Scratch und Sketch-Up, die internationale Gäste empfangen möchten und damit Teil des Erasmus-Teams sein möchten, ggf. auch an Treffen in unseren Partnerschulen teilnehmen können.