Topics of the project

  • We will work ...

    • with Scratch: creating animations and games, coding a math game to revide calculations, creating poems, wishcards, and geometric pattern, telling stories,...
    • with GeoGebra: exploring geometry dynamically, modelling logos, flags, ... , creating art dynamic art objects, minimal art, using perspective for 3D figures, modelling shapes and lines from real life, solar system, ...
    • with GIMP: creating decoratitive elements, treating photos, modelling real life, creating posters, ...
    • with SketchUP: modelling 3D objects e.g. building of world heritage and objects from real life, "building houses", towns, platonic solids, learning more about geometry in space, ...
    • with Gapminder: analyzing graphically and cronological orderded data of a big, big database of social life, politics,  available for many countries of the world to answer actual questions or predict trends, ...
    • with google Apps: in order to facilitate cooeration amongst students in different countries who work on the same problem, to documente the process of work and results like reports, presentation or questionnaires. It also simplify the management of our project regarding the involved teachers.
    • with Excel, Scratch and other tools: encoding and decoding messages as in former or more recent times
    • with Arduino (and other microcontrollers): programming the microcontroller arduino so that it seneses the environment by receiving inputs from different sensors and affects it sourroundings by controlling e.g. lights, temperature, motions, .
    • with robots: exploring by programming a robot the impact/force of forces, impulses, velocity and accelaration
    • with web 2.0 tools: creating interactive features on websites to attract visitors and get feedback from them, ..
    • with 3D printers: seeing in reality and touching own - on the screen - created and built models 

    Topics in ICT World cover school subjects...

    • computer science and technology 
    • much more school subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, art, music, languages, social sciences, ... as shown on the different pages for the software/hardware we use
    • cross-curricular activities

    Topics of ICT World cover various fields of real life ...

    • technology and coding
    • microcontroller, robotism, control
    • simulation of communication and cooperation as usual in future career
    • art and music, graphics
    • publication of information e.g. by tuturials, videos, posters, ...
    • ​internet - webpaging, interactivitiy via web 2.0
    • mechanics
    • architecture
    • cryptology 
    • smarthome
    • project management
    • smartphone and apps
    • games
    • teaching and moderation (by students)
    • traditions in different european countries
    • Unesco places of cultural heritage
    • economy and ecology related to time and country
    • creation and print-out of 3D everyday objects
    • insights in ICT companies and their work
    • research of technology
    • insights in different European countries, e.g. partner schools, host families, towns
    • communication and social media

    Topics/activities for students of the ICT World that aim at improving ...

    • digital competence in general
    • computational thinking
    • coding competence
    • competences of communication and cooperation
    • self-confidence
    • competencies of problem solving and creativity
    • participation in the current technological development
    • competence for using a foreign language in work and presentation
    • competence  of learning by teaching
    • interest in culture and tradidition of European countries and intercultural exchange
    • insights and knowledge of possible professions in the field of technology
    • social competence
    • ...

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