Work in International Teams

  • Here the work of teams. During and in-between the meetings the different results are being presented. 


    In order to do very good students Open problems presentations, the French team have prerpared some recommendations to be followed:


    All teams should harmonize their ways of presenting and work together on commun procedures to be followed by students during preparing and presenting their open problems. This could be an appreciate help for students. The following proposal is an easy sample.


    1. Introducing the open problems:

    At the beginning students have to introduce themselves briefly; then they talk about the open problem they deal with. They could comment who invented that problem and who is the tutor.

    1. The purpose - the aim:

    In this second part students have to explain why they have chosen the open problem and justify their choices. (2- 3 arguments)

    1. How do they manage ?

    This is the most important part of students’  presentations; in which they uncover difficulties met (before, during and after) they achieve their project. They may also focus on different solutions found. That means to identify problems you faced together with peers in your work and how to handle strategies and approaches to solve them. They could also explain how they did organize their cooperation to solve the problem

    1. Softwares & programmes used:

    In order to perform their final task; students use some software and programmes; a small description would be appropriate.  

    V.        Smart farewell:Students should say goodbye to the group thanking this opportunity and wishing good thoughts.