GeoGebra 'funny faces" contest

  •  We look for funny faces created with GeoGebra!​


    ​Dear students, here you will find infomation about the contest!

    Create a funny face with GeoGebra! You can use circles, ellipses, lines, segments, functions, .... and colors, backgrounds, different forms and thicknesses of lines, ...

    There are two categories responding to different levels of use of Geogebra.

    • Group 1: beginners: students that know basic functions, don't know how to animate or dynamic constructions, coloring rounded areas,...

    • Group 2: more advanced students who often have worked with Geogebra, know e.g. functions, animations or ...

    Criteria for both groups: 


    It was a great sucess! 84 uploads for both groups in total. Voting will start middle of april. Here are some examples. Click into the pictures to see all faces! 

    group 1

    group 2