Slovenian participant impression

  • Dear Marta and Aver o Mar project team, teachers and students!

    Visited your school has been fantastic experience: I've met marvellous teachers, students and learnt so much from you. We have really enjoyed every single moment, and all the activities you have arranged for us, I have felt really at home, and very warm welcome; I really see how much you have done for the success of every activity of the programme. I and all the rest participants from Poland and Turkey will remember the time and emotions we've felt with you all. Thanks for all these things and thanks to have hosted us in your beautiful country.


    For the first time I have visited Portugal. For me it is one of those European countries that must be visited. The trip to Portugal wouldn’t be complete without getting to know the local cuisine and wines of course. I have already tasted some great fish dishes and famous Pastel de Nata. And Vino Verde, young Portuguese wine that is typically dry, fresh and light. And delicious!

    Portugal has impressed me with its beautiful coastline, rugged picturesque houses, historical and cultural richness, coast boasting excellent climate. Portugal is a beach lover’s and surfer’s paradise

    Tanja fall in LOVE IN PORTUGAL 💖💖!!


    Tanja Nikolovski,

    Main project coordinator

    Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj