European day of languages

  • Celebrating European Day of Languages has become tradition in our school. Even this year it was great fun.

    Ms Petkovic, English teacher, organized an interesting TEA PARTY. At the party we were able to taste different kinds of tea with biscuits and learn about customs, regarding tea-time in some European countries, as well as to learn about the origin of that ancinet plant. We spent a cheerful afternoon listening to music from all over the world.

    During breaks Ms Mijatovic-Juric, German Teacher, with assistance of Ms Kovacevic-Herzog, Art teacher and Ms Trojnar, the pedagogue, prepared a qiuz and language games. The eight-graders and the six-graders took part in the competition. Marko Milkovic and Fran Geric were responsible for computer games while Mirko Raic was in charge of archery game Wihelm Thell; language games in German were realized with assistance of Vanessa Puljic; Dea Muhadri and Valerija Lekaj were responsible for a challenging Albanian course.

    Students from class 8.a have won the competition and their prize was sweets for the whole class.