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    3rd DECEMBER 2019


    Firm in maintaining the Commemoration of this anniversary, the Aver-o-Mar School Grouping has once again provided activities that could place each one in the role of "..and if it were with you?"


    Throughout this day, moments of reflection and active practices were created, either Adapted Sport’s activities in Physical Education, and various Sensory Games figured for each of the senses.

    This idea came about as a good practice observed in LTT to Croatia where students and teachers participated in Labyrinth Games that held such challenges. Therefore it is a replication of Croatian suggestions to work out senses with students.


    Sensory activities were prepared so that they would create in participants a will or desire to explore different environments but also critical thinking to assess the difficulties experienced in the face of any sense failure: smells that mistake, visual drills – what do you actually see?, audio sensibility out of hidden sounds, and others.

    An inclusive practice that contributes to the importance of being supportive of those who have lost, or never had the opportunity to feel, a potential for physical / mental / sensory / emotional equality.


    Inclusion?! Always! And for all!




    3rd december 2018


    In Aver-O-Mar schools there were several activities to rise awareness to the topic.

    Some students prepared and acted out a school play; others had seminars about color blindness in school  followed up by handworking to show their feelings, thoughts and sensitiveness towards the subject and the knowledge they have acquired.

    They talked about being different, some main disabilities and difficulties, inclusion, solutions and friendship.

    In the mainstream school students had a different Physical Education moment: they played Boccia games with the "pros" - which means the Boccia Local Team. A group of SEN athletes came to school to teach and play with our students.

    Students also played other games as if they had some kind o disability, for example, having one leg, not being able to use their legs at all or having their eyes covered. This way they were able to feel and experience disability.

    Here are some pictures:


                                (click for the  Interactive Digital Image )


    After talking about color blindness with students and the ColorAdd system which is used in our schools libraries to help locate books.