eSafety Day 2019, OŠ Otona Ivekovića

  • eSafety Day

    This school year, just like in the past years, we had workshops for our Fourth-grade students about Internet security.

    In the workshops we conducted a survey about Internet and social networks use. The results of the survey show that over 80% of our students do not know what cyberbullying is. The social networks which they most frequently use are WhatsApp and Viber, and as much as 20% of the students have an Instagram profile. When using the Internet, they are most often on You tube, and they spend as much as two hours on it.

    Patrick Barna, a student in Class 8C, gave a lecture on Internet safety to our students. Afterwards, the students discussed various examples of children using the Internet and social networks. At the end of the workshop there was a quiz game about Internet behaviour and social networks. During school breaks the students could play a memory cards game about Internet safety.

    During the workshop we realized that most of our students do not use tools to protect their safety and their privacy in the applications, search engines and social networks setup.

    This is a clear indication that students at this young age need to be taught how to safely behave on the Internet and social networks.