After Italy, OŠ Otona Ivekovića

  • Teacher's meeting, 1. October, 2019.

    Teachers Josipa Tomašević and Barbara Bošnjak presented mobility to Italy to other teachers in our school. Focus was on activities they participated. They also shown photos of landscapes around Montorio Romano and monuments of Rome.

    Workshop about emotions

    “…Sadness is a Grumpy Cry-baby…” says one student note from the workshop about emotions held in Class 6a. The workshop was held by the Social Pedagogist, Jadranka Bašić Parić, and student assistant, Jelena Žanko Milanković.

    The students watched the cartoon Inside Out. Afterwards, they were divided into five groups. Each group had the task to describe the characters’ behaviour, emotions and consequences of their behaviour. The children represented the characters through pantomime and acting.

    The students were very interested in the film and the theme, and here are some more of their comments:

    “…Happiness belittled Sadness…”

    “…Anger shouts all the time… sometimes it was necessary…”

    “…Fear is worried, sensitive, protective…”

    “…Happiness always tries to find a way to cheer someone up…”