Slovenian impression teachers and students on education at school in Bytom, Poland

  • Slovenian team : Tanja, Borislava, Zdenka, Sabina, Janja and  Sara  visited our project partners in Poland. 

    Polish teachers and students  prepared a lovely reception for us and they greeted us nicely.

    Our studens Sara and Janja  adapted without problems and quickly attached contacts with Croatian and Poland students from the school host.

     All the participant partners in the project prepared a music-dance routine that presented the country the performers are coming from. At the end we all had fun dancing together because we all tried to dance the dance routine from other countries. It was really fun but the most important thing is that we all felt connected and ready to work together.

    We participated in different workshops (art therapy, making flowers out of wool like material, cooperation with University of Third Age and cooperation with hihg-school students). Including older people in school work was a great idea because they had given us a lot of useful knowledge that they got from their life experiences. Our school has already been included in a project like this one. We are currently considering in re-establishing it.

    They have introduced us different methods and work techniques(Biofeedback therapy, using technology as a mean to motivate students and art therapy). We are intrested in trying them out and using the therapy type at our school. Children could be easily taught to recognize and control their emotional reactions.

    Many motivational comptuter programs for learning different teaching contents have been introduced to us. Our students participated at workshops (English and Croatian group). Work was fun and educational for them.

    We were acquainted with Polish school system for elementary and high school. Our school system is quite similar to theirs. The only difference are the exams taken at the end of the year. The exams are not adapted for children with special needs.

    We also visted the City hall where the Deputy Mayor greeted us 

    and the Solutions at Polish special educational system (workshops in Private Institution for Adult Disabled Persons and workshops in Special Vocational School).

    The city Cracow fascinated us with its beautiful sights. Auswitz left a big impact on us.

    We came back home filled with unforgetable memories. 

    We would like to emphasize: good organisation and managment, demonstrations of new and interesting methods and work techniques for children with special needs, good cooperation between partners, hospitality and kindness of local people, excelent Poland cuisine and sweet culinary delights in the teachers room.

    Tanja, Borislava, Sabina, Zdenka, Janja and Sara