After mobility to Bytom, Montorio Romano, Italy


    After visiting Poland, the Italian teachers immediately replicated some of the activities observed there (Art Therapy) and a Technology practice (ICT workshop).

    It was planned to realise in class the nice and colourful sheep the teachers involved in the 2nd mobility made in a Private Institution for Adult Disabled Persons, using simple, recycled materials. All the pupils of the primary school and pupils of one class of the Infant school produced their own sheep as Easter artistic and craft works. Children really liked that activity!

    Teachers started to use applications (Math Fight/ Duel), games, tools (Voki) suggested in Poland and surfed Jigsaw planet and  in order to motivate their students, to make their lessons more interesting and to revise lessons (vocabulary, grammar…). 1st year pupils used Jigsaw planet to create their own jigsaw puzzles. Each 2nd year pupil used Voki to make a presentation of himself/ herself to the class. Children enjoyed leaving oral messages to their classmates, using an artificial voice! 3rd and 4th year pupils played different games (memory, crosswords, hangman, quiz…) on to reinforce vocabulary (toys, clothes, pets, wild animals- body and actions) and grammar (prepositions of place, adjectives…) during the English lesson. 5th year students played games too in order to reinforce grammar and revise some aspects of Roman History on

    All the activities were witnessed through photos and videos that were put together in an interesting video created by Romina ugolini.