The Portuguese team replicated a Sense Education Classroom Practice

  • From the Istanbul LTT, the portuguese team replicated a Sense Education Classroom Practice.


    It was a Baking Activity to develop daily knowledge, autonomy and  sensory competences such as:

    •  smell chocolate, coconut, lemon, cinnamon scents that each student had to discover;
    • vision color identification of the ingredients - white, brown, yellow, beige, dark light ...;
    • tact comparison of the different dough textures: (soft, rough, hard, .., and distinguishing the right moment to wrap them according to temperature (hot, cold, warm, ...);
    • savor by tasting ingredients such as salt, sugar, flour, coconut, lemon, cinnamon, …;
    • hearing stimulation by following the teacher's explanations for confectioning.


    Students also exercised fine motor skills (especially of the upper limbs): molding the cookies, extending the dough to be cut with the molds, the distribution of the cookies on the baking tray, greasing the trays with butter and filling and clamping the plastic bags with cookies.


    Mathematics has played a very important role: issues related to weighing ingredients and packages with ready-made biscuits, the counting and the use of euro currency were trained in price tagging and change during the sale!


    Finally, students wrote the recipe on computer, which was printed and attached to each bag, together with a Christmas Wish; they were given the opportunity to use technology, practice reading and writing!


    Aesthetic development, organization and communication was worked out during the preparation of the sales bench and when they interacted with the people who came to buy the products.


    Such work requires that hygiene and safety rules at work are exercised.


    It should also be noted that the activity was carried out in the school canteen and work was shared with other students.

    SEN peers wanted to participate and help, creating an opportunity for all to intervene in a true inclusive exercise.