Italy, a walk with red ballons and an open to the public celebration


    Last 28th February the primary school in Nerola and Monteflavio celebrated the RARE DESEASE DAY.

    All the pupils in Monteflavio sang the Italian song Si può dare di più (You can give more), waving red paper hearts in front of their parents moved by the performance. Teachers organized a walk with red balloons along the village streets to raise awareness of rare deseases among the public. Right at the end pupils released balloons into the sky in the main square of the village.

    The primary school in Nerola organized an open to the public celebration. All the children were wearing carnival costumes because it was Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent Tuesday. Teachers were wearing giant emoji costumes. The performance took place in the school courtyard. It started with an introduction read by the pupils of the 5th grade, who talked about rare deseases, their impact on society, bridging health and social care; it continued with the recitation of 2 poems. The 4th grade pupils recited one of Madre Theresa of Calcutta’s poem: Send me someone to love, while the pupils of the 5th class introduced the story of Francesco Lena and recited his poem Io credo (I believe), written for a friend of his, struck by a rare desease. Kids sang Credo negli esseri umani (I believe in human beings), waving their balloons in the air. Some of them went up in the sky, sending their strong and clear message to the world.

    The activities were witnessed through photos and videos, put together in an interesting and captivating video made by Romina Ugolini.