European week of sport 2019.

  • We marked the European School Sport Day on Friday, 27 th September 2019, with sports games and athletics. This initiative is a spur to the young people to become physically active, do sports, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

    Our school organized team sport games dodgeball and handball, and cyclic walking for students of First to Fourth Grades. For Fifth to Eighth Graders there were team sport games football, handball, volleyball and badminton, and 2019 m cyclic walking.

    Students of our Fifth and Sixth Grades created the European School Sport Day board, promoting cycling and healthy lifestyle. The teachers joined the students in cyclic walking, and even the Headmistress supported the initiative by taking active part as well.

    The entire event was accompanied by popular music. The children learned about the significance of the European Week of Sport. We used this opportunity to promote the European projects that our school participates in,especially the current Erasmus+ projects Swot Scouts, I.D.E.A. Together we can!,and our newly started project Bon Appetite, Europe!.
    The main coordinator for this event was our Physical Education teacher, Antun Smiljanić, with the assistance of PE teacher-in-training, Ante Orlović.