Europe Day

  • On the 9th May we celebrated the Europe Day. Ptuj Tourism Association annually organizes an event marking the Day of Europe. This year's topic was entrepreneurship in the EU. Schools from Ptuj were invited to represent EU countries and their successful businesses. Our school represented Belgium and three successful Belgium companies. At our stand we presented a chocolate company, diamond cutting artisanship and Belgium fries. In addition, each school prepared a commercial or a stage presentation on this year's general theme. It was an interesting event for our children as they could enjoy other school’s presentations and learn about products from EU countries. Our Basia was very excited about the presentation of Portugal. 



    We also paid attention to this special day at our school of Dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj. The members of Erasmus team at the school have already prepared a picturesque exhibition of our partner cuontries (Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia). We have also made a poster on which we have writen the most important data about Europe Day. The pupils draw the coats of arms of the partner countries, went to the exhibition and got to know new cultures, countries and their features.



    Erasmus+ School Project team