After mobility to Istanbul, OŠ Otona Ivekovića, Zagreb

  • 1. Sensory play


    During our time in Istanbul (end of November 2018) we visited their special schools and had the opportunity to see two sensory rooms. Sensory rooms are designed for sensory integration of children, they facilitate learning, improve concentration, promote communication skills and self-control and create a feeling of safety and calmness in a person. After this experience we were very eager to design sensory games for the stimulation of our students’ senses. Students of our third and fifth grades participated in the play. They tried to guess a hidden object that they could not see using the sense of touch, scent and sound; they tried to unwrap sweets wearing ski gloves; they tried to find a way out of a maze by looking in a mirror image; they tried to catch a lighted ball in the dark. Everyone enjoyed the play and had a lot of fun.



    2. Preparations for exam in 4th grade with virtual game




    3. Teachers meeting 29.01.2019. - topic "Day of Turkey"