Competition in Fun games in Metin Sabanci school, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Game: Let’s Reach to the Target

    Description: Balance and Coordination track was set up for students and they have separated into 2 groups. Students are asked to finish the track while they carry hoops (circles) and throw them to the targets at the end of the track. The first group that finishes the hoops is the winner. This game contributes regarding balancing, planning, managing the speed, throwing an object and walking on different floors abilities of students.


    Game: Voiced Movement

    Description: Hoops which have different colors are placed to different spots of the gym. Students were asked to stand within the hoops and they start to run all over the hoops with teacher’s first instruction. Students are expected to run around the hoops until the second instruction. Lastly, they are asked to find a free hoop and step into it and stand there. This game contributes student abilities which are body control, taking an order (instruction), taking and order with condition and running.