Travelling School Mate

  • Each partner makes a doll, as large as 30 cm. The doll will represent a "student".

    We will create 3 girls and 3 boys: Slovenia, Italy and Portugal make boys, Turkey, Croatia and Poland make girls.

    Each country names its student with a typical national name, clothing should be in the national spirit, student- dools travel from one partner to the other.

    Each student will write a diary, what he/she did when he/she was visiting his partner peers.

    Each school that hosts a particular student will give him, her a present at the end of the each trip ... e.g. you can give him/her a scarf, or some necklace, badge, something you did to pin on his/her clothes - maybe something typical from the host country.

    The first trip will begin in Turkey, where we will hand over the students to each other. Hand over takes place as Slovenia passes to Turkey, Turkey - Croatia, Croatia - Italy, Italy - Poland, Poland – Portugal, Portugal - Slovenia.

  • Hand overs of the dolls

    Istanbul, Turkey

    First exchange of the dolls took place in Metin Sabanci Special Education Schools.