Italian team impressions on Croatian mobility

  • The Italian team was impressed by the warm and exciting welcome of primary school Oton Iveković in Zagreb. 

    We were thrilled by the children, the lyrics of a song in particular "My friend", touching the performance of Emma... An emotion that accompanied us until we returned to Italy. All the activities proposed and participated in were interesting and well organized. Our school system is structured and organised in a different way, but we have watched the Croatian educational organisation with interest. Many positive aspects in relation to inclusive activities; workshops designed to stimulate and enhance the skills of children with medium and severe difficulties. We appreciated the attention and constant work in relation to the health care provided for children and support for families. We noticed that the sensory classrooms were equipped with adequate instruments, in each school visited and the dedication of the school staff to all students. The activities that have been proposed to us and in which we have participated in effectively (Brain gym , Autogenic Training and Labyrinth game) have been very interesting and formative. In the workshop students (with the supervision of the teachers) guided us during the activities. We also visited the "Museum of Illusions", where the perception of each of us becomes a subjective and "different" reality from the others, a perfect metaphor for a world full of points of view, scents, sensations that arouse emotions that color our Life. We spent a week among various well-organized activities, an engaging and playful atmosphere and guest care from the Croatian team. Thank you!!!