I know ...I feel - Prrimary school dr. Ljudevita pivka Ptuj, Slovenia


    At the Primary School Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, we conducted various forms of workshops with our students, where we developed and recognized our senses. We used many diffrent kinds of  didactic tools.

    All the students of our school participated according to their abilities.

    With blindfolded eyes, we tried different foods and recognized flavors, smelled, tasted,touch different objects, listened to sounds.


    We were listening some sounds in our multi-sensory relaxation room. We were making a didactic toy for hearing ditection from natural materials. We used diffrent seeds, pasta and stones. Pupils were searching pairs by sounds.


    We produced tactile memory game from cardboard  and diffrent materials. Pupils used only their fingers to find matching pairs.


    We worked with several natural scents. We compare scent of ethereal oil with a plant, that the oil is made of. They identify ethereal oil and a plant using only sniffing.


    In science teaching, we did an experiment on how well we identify ingredients that have different flavors and how we awaken our senses. Our tongue  detected four basic flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour. We had blindfolds and tried different foods. Then we draw a tongue on the whiteboard .We have found that we can recognize taste by smelling and tasting. In the end, we did some worksheet where we indicated that we were tasting sweet at the tip of the tongue, bitter at the root, and sour and salty at the edges of the tongue.




    Damjana, Dragica,Marija, Vesna, Zdenka, Tanja, Simon

    Students classes: PPVI 3, PPVI 4,5