The pupils of the primary school in Montorio R. and Nerola, Italy, celebrated the Disability Day 3rd December.

  • The pupils of the primary school in Montorio R. and Nerola celebrated the Disability Day during the first week of December.


    The children in Montorio played relay race, games with cones and hoops and took part in coding activities. The teachers of our institute planned coding activites linked to positive emotions.


    The students of the primary school in Nerola celebrated this event through several steps:


    1.watching the story ‘Piccolo Blu e piccolo Giallo’  (little Blue and little Yellow), a classic tale of friendship inspired to Leo Lionni's book. Little Blue and Little Yellow are best friends. They go to school and play everyday, but one day the cant’ find each other. When they finally do, they give each other such a big hug that they turn green! Their parents can’t recognize them and reject them. Not wanted in their one homes little Blue and little Yellow meet again and cry. Their tears change little Blue and little Yellow back to their original colors. Little Blue speeds off to explain everything to his parents who are so overjoyed that they go running across the street to tell little Yellow's parents. Then their parents end up hugging until they themselves turn green.


    2. Playing treasure hunt- the students of the fourth grade had to solve riddles. If they answered correctly, the children of the third grade got the alphanumeric code they needed to complete the coding game, a big smiling face, the symbol of a happy SEN student included in his/her class.


    3. playing a variant of relay race. Each student of every team had to pass a sponge ball backwards with both hands to the classmate who was behind him/her as quickly as possible and then he/she had to reach the last position of the queue. The winner was the team whose members went back to the original position after running.


    4. Listening to the story “Il futuro dei miei” (The future of my people), a book written by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher that talks about a  boy and his uncle, two refugees who leave their own country to come to Italy seeking their fortune (peace, justice, food…), hoping to be integrated  into the Italian society.


    5. Debating about the video and the short story read by the teacher.

    The fil rouge of all these activities was inclusion, integration, acceptance of diversity through games, movement, fun and positive emotions.