The national winners

    • 20 pupils from each scool vote for the project winning logo.
    • Thex can't vote for their own national winner.


    LOGO 1

    Letters in this logo symbolize pupils. Pupils „I“, „D“ and  „E“ are in cheerful colors because they are happy and healthy.  Pupil „A“ is white because he got hurt and pupils „I“, „D“ and  „E“ throw away everything what they do in that moment and hurry to help their friend. The author thinks this is the way all of us should react when someone is in need.


    LOGO 2

    Dressed in their countries' colours girls and boys entering the carousel. 
    While playfully twirling and getting to know each other, they realise that their carousel is the strongest when they hold each other's hands. Their differences fade and invisible letters twine a visible bond of friendship, and TOGETHER WE CAN make it. 


    LOGO 3

    The idea was to represent the project's name with different patterns and colours but all being able to stick together side by side; the blue figure was created by SEN students, previously here in school, and represents themselves - being blue as the sky and the sea both inspiring and somehow endless; the light bulb means innovation and enlightment, - what humans need to welcome difference and be able to accept, change and be inclusive. 


    LOGO 4

    This logo represents the six partner schools which planned, wrote and are realizing the project whose title is IDEA. The name of the project is an acronym for Individual with Disabilities Education Aim, but IDEA means also a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action. The six Countries put their ideas together, shared them, lighting their brains, imagination and the path of their students, taking care of them. They put also their energies (the climb) together because “United we stand, divided we fall": Together we can!

    LOGO 5

    This logo shows that students from different part of the earth can get together and be friends all the time.


    LOGO 6

    We are six countries - Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and we all six want to do something TOGETHER. We believe that WE CAN exchange good practices and learn something new.