Portuguese impressions

  • Between the 3rd and 9th of March, school country partners from the I.D.E.A.!Together we can project met in Poland: Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Turkey. It was the 2nd Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event.

    Here are some aspects that we think were very important and relevant in the preparation, organization and implementation of the meeting:

    • The proposed program was filled with learning activities taking into account students with special educational needs, the main purpose of the “IDEA Together we can” project; those activities lighted new paths for practices, which can improve our teaching dynamics in our school;
    • Besides the learning activities, the program offered a whole range of cultural, historical and gastronomic activities that are very important considering a multicultural and inclusion vision;
    • The host school followed  the program with precision, while implementing it and that provided us with great professional, personal, social and cultural enrichment;
    • We were warmly received and welcomed everywhere: at the host school, at the house of the local government authority, at the university, at the vocational school, even at restaurants…
    Therefore, our impressions from this meeting fullfilled our expectations.

    The Portuguese Team