Impressions of Croatian team

  • Mobility to Italy, that members of our school’s staff participated in, lasted from 27th to 31st May 2019. We visited schools in Montorio Romano and neighbouring places, and we were given an insight into the structure and the system of inclusion of children with difficulties in Italian schools.

    We were given a warm welcome by the entire community – the children and school staff as well as parents and other people. We had the opportunity to enjoy two events, one of which took part in a square in Nerola. We experienced first hand how well the local communities embrace the project and how real the Erasmus programme is for them.

    We observed a workshop with students, participated in handling the situations dealing with special needs students that teachers in Italy typically face, and participated in practical workshops that we could make use of in our own classrooms. We also visited the Institute for the Deaf in Rome, where we learned about the problems and the solutions that the Italian system of education offers to the deaf and hard of hearing persons.

    Apart from Montorio Romano and neighbouring places, we also visited The Eternal City. Although the time for the visit was very short, we did get a whiff of the antiquity of this metropolis.

    We came to the realization that the Croatian and the Italian systems differ in a number of points, and we can say that we stand in different positions in relation to the goal, but the goal is definitely the same – inclusion of all children in the society.