After mobility in Metin Sabanci school in Istanbul, we use SUBSTITUTE COMUNICATION - primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia



    A child who has problems in the field of speech and language can experience stress and unease if he can not express his needs, desires and, if he can not establish proper contact with his fellowman according to his abilities. Such severe disturbances in speech-language development occur in children with cerebral palsy, after stroke, mental retardation, hearing impairments ... They can occur in the period prior to speech development or affect a person who has already developed speech. In these cases, today we have modern methods of substitute communication that enable them to communicate easier, giving them the possibility of self-expression, which affects their self-image (communicators, computer programmes).



    WORKING FORMS: individual

    WORKING METHODS: Explanation, working with a tablet PC


    OBJECTIVES: visual perception and distinction, attention and concentration

    Thanks to Luka and his speecah therapist Nataša for presentation.